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free printable immigration affidavit letter template Word

What is an immigration affidavit letter?

An immigration affidavit letter is a written statement submitted under oath to support an individual’s immigration process. It is typically used in situations where someone is immigrating to the United States and requires financial support or needs to prove the legitimacy of their marriage.

An affidavit letter provides evidence and assurance to immigration authorities that the facts stated within the letter are true and accurate. This document plays a crucial role in immigration proceedings as it helps establish the credibility and intentions of the immigrants, ensuring that they meet the requirements for entry into the country.

The affidavit letter serves as a legally enforceable document, where the writer pledges to be financially responsible for the immigrant until they achieve full citizenship or have been working in the U.S. for ten years. It is required when the immigrant has immediate relatives who are U.S. citizens or when filing an immigrant visa application based on employment.

Additionally, in cases where a waiver petition is necessary or when there are circumstances of abuse, an affidavit or letter can provide further support and explanation.

By providing detailed information about the relationship between the affiant and the immigrant, the affidavit letter helps strengthen the immigrant’s case and demonstrates their genuine intentions and eligibility for immigration.

Who can write the immigration affidavit letter?

The immigration affidavit letter can be written by anyone familiar with the couple’s marriage. This includes friends, family members, or religious leaders. There is no requirement for the writer to be a U.S. citizen or reside in the United States.

However, the writer needs to be a close confidant who is well-acquainted with the couple’s life together. The writer should have a deep understanding of the couple’s relationship and be able to provide personal testimony to support their genuine intentions and love for each other.

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How to write an affidavit letter for immigration

When writing an affidavit letter for immigration, it is important to follow certain guidelines to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with legal requirements. Here is a detailed list of steps to help you write an affidavit letter:

  • Choose the format: Decide whether to use the traditional legal format or a business letter format. The legal format requires numbered paragraphs, while the business letter format allows for a basic narrative style.
  • Select a legible font: Use a basic, easily readable font for your affidavit letter. If the person or their attorney has a preferred format, follow their instructions. Otherwise, default fonts in word-processing applications are typically acceptable.
  • Single-space your document: Maintain single spacing throughout the letter, with a double-space between paragraphs. This ensures clarity and readability.
  • Date and address the letter: Begin the letter with the current date and address it to the USCIS Officer. If using the business letter format, include your name, address, and the USCIS service center’s title and address.
  • Present facts in numbered paragraphs: If using the legal format, number your paragraphs. If using the business letter format, present your facts in a basic narrative style.

By following these steps, you can effectively write an affidavit letter for immigration that meets the requirements and presents your facts clearly and professionally.

Immigration Affidavit Letter Template in Word

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Download: Immigration Affidavit Letter Template