Free Printable Travel Request Form Template Word

Free Printable Travel Request Form Template Word

What is a travel request form?

A travel request form is a convenient tool used by businesses to collect essential information from clients or employees regarding their travel plans. This form eliminates the need for paper forms or phone calls, allowing for a streamlined process.

It gathers details such as the traveler’s name, contact information, the purpose of the trip, departure and arrival dates, mode of travel, accommodations, meals, and other necessary services. This form serves as a comprehensive document for approving travel requests, managing budgets, and facilitating reimbursement of expenses.

The importance of the travel request form

The travel request form is an essential tool for businesses when it comes to managing travel arrangements for their employees or clients. It serves as a centralized document that collects all the necessary information needed to plan and execute a successful trip. Here are some key reasons why the travel request form is important:

  • Efficient Information Collection: The travel request form allows businesses to gather complete details of the traveler, including their full name, designation, contact information, and purpose of the trip. This ensures that all relevant information is captured accurately and eliminates the need for back-and-forth communication.
  • Clear Trip Information: The form provides a structured format to describe the trip details, such as the date and time of departure and arrival, mode of travel, itinerary, lodging, meals, and other services required. This clarity helps in organizing and coordinating the logistics of the trip effectively.
  • Budget Planning: The travel request form includes a section to display estimated expenses for transportation, accommodation, meals, and other related costs. This allows businesses to have a clear understanding of the budget required for the trip and helps in making informed decisions regarding travel arrangements.
  • Authorization and Approval: By using a travel request form, employees or clients can seek the necessary authorizations and approvals from their superiors or management. This ensures that all travel plans are in line with company policies and guidelines, reducing the risk of unauthorized or unnecessary trips.
  • Record Keeping: The travel request form serves as a documented record of all travel-related information. It can be easily stored and accessed for future reference, making it convenient for tracking expenses, analyzing travel patterns, and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

What information a business trip application form should contain?

A business trip application form should contain the following information:

  • Employee Information: The form should include all relevant data, such as the employee’s name, position in the company, department, and more.
  • Travel Information: The form should include the travel destination and the period the employee will be away from work. It is important to specify the exact dates of the traveling period.
  • Purpose of Travel: Most companies require a detailed explanation and justification for the trip. The employee should clearly state why the journey is in the company’s interest and what benefits will come from it.
  • Estimated Budget: Employees should estimate their travel expenses, including costs such as transportation, accommodation, meals, conference fees, and training expenses. In return, the employee will submit an Employee Expense Report with receipts and invoices for all expenses incurred during the business travel.
  • Signatures: The travel request form must be approved by a manager or supervisor. It should also include the employee’s signature and the date of approval.

By including these key pieces of information in a business trip application form, companies can ensure that travel requests are properly documented and approved, allowing for efficient planning and tracking of business trips.

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Tips to write a perfect travel request letter

When writing a travel request letter, it is important to include all the necessary details and present them in a clear and organized manner. Here are some tips to help you write a perfect travel request letter:

  • Include complete details of the traveler: Provide the full name, designation, employee ID, contact number, fax number, and email ID of the traveler. Mention the purpose of the trip.
  • Describe the trip information: Specify the date and time of departure and arrival, mode of travel, travel schedule, itinerary, lodging, meals, and other services required during the trip.
  • Display travel expenses and sponsorship information: Clearly state the estimated expenses, including transportation, meals, accommodation, car rentals, and any other relevant costs. If the trip is sponsored, mention the details and contact information of the sponsors.
  • Mention names of authorized persons: List all the names of the individuals who need to approve the trip, along with their signatures. This ensures that the travel request form can be forwarded for approval.
  • Incorporate terms and conditions: Provide a clear description of the terms and conditions in the travel request letter. This ensures transparency and avoids any confusion. Additionally, leave space for any additional notes or information regarding the trip.

By following these tips and organizing your travel request letter effectively, you can increase the chances of getting your travel request approved promptly.


1. What is corporate travel?

Corporate travel refers to the travel undertaken by employees or representatives of a company for business purposes. It includes trips such as attending conferences, meetings, training sessions, client visits, or any other activities related to the company’s operations.

2. To whom should the travel request letter be sent?

The travel request letter should be sent to the appropriate authority within the company, usually the supervisor or manager responsible for approving travel requests. This ensures that the request is properly reviewed and authorized before any travel arrangements are made.

3. Why do we need to submit the travel request form?

Submitting a travel request form is necessary to streamline the process of planning and organizing business trips. It allows the company to gather all the relevant information about the trip, including the purpose, dates, mode of travel, accommodation, and estimated expenses. This helps in making informed decisions, allocating resources, and ensuring compliance with company policies.

4. What are the travel allowance expenses?

Travel allowance expenses refer to the costs associated with the trip that the company is willing to cover or reimburse. These expenses may include transportation costs, accommodation, meals, car rentals, visa fees, and any other necessary expenses incurred during the trip. The travel request form should clearly outline the expected travel allowance expenses to provide clarity to the traveler and the approving authority.

5. Where do we need to submit the travel request form?

The travel request form should be submitted to the designated department or individual responsible for managing travel arrangements within the company. This could be the travel department, human resources department, or any other relevant department specified by the company’s policies. It is important to follow the company’s guidelines and procedures to ensure that the travel request form reaches the appropriate authority for review and approval.

Printable Travel Request Form Template Word

The printable travel request form template in Word is a convenient tool for employees to request travel arrangements. With its organized sections for traveler details, travel specifics, and cost estimates, this template ensures all necessary information is captured. It also includes sections for employee declarations and approvals from the dean and project manager. This user-friendly template streamlines the process of submitting travel requests and facilitates efficient communication between employees and management.

Don’t waste any more time, get the printable travel request form template in Word now and simplify your travel management.

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